Saturday, December 12, 2009

Final Design History Poster.

This is my final poster influenced from the Bauhaus period.  I didn't change much for the final print except for the text.  The beginning history information is parallel to the "T" in "Herbert" and  I manually spaced the last three lines of the information so it'd work around the red shape.  (enlarge to read history information.)

Composition Layout.

This is the composition for my poster that defines the Bauhaus period.  I chose to go with this layout because I felt it strongly incorporated the Bauhaus style with an explanation behind the shape used.  The black shape that basically gives the poster its form is actually the shape of the Bauhaus school from a top angle.  You can see model of the school here.  The layout of the poster is simple and clean, there's not too much going on but enough to illustrate a sense of the movement's history.  The two fonts I used was "bauhaus" and "futura."  The text "Bauhaus" is evidently in "bauhaus" type, however the rest of the text on the poster is in "futura" type.  I chose to use the "Futura" font because it was the most influential font created during the period, it represented the Bauhaus ideology with a strict geometric outline.  I used a worn paper texture as the background since many Bauhaus works have that "beige" color as the background layer.  The colors black, white, and red were frequently used in the Bauhaus style as well. 

I chose Herbert Bayer as my artist since had such a profound influence during the Bauhaus period.  Bayer was appointed head of the printing and advertising workshops and created numerous typefaces.  This is the portrait I used of Bayer for the poster, I used the pen tool to cut Bayer's figure out of the photo.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Historical Design Poster thumbnails.

For the historical design project, we were assigned to create a poster that defined a movement in design history along with an artist that contributed to the period.  The style of the artist and movement was to be incorporated in the poster in order to communicate to the viewer the many aspects of design history.  I was instantly drawn to the Bauhaus movement due to its clean, yet functional forms used in the work.  Type is a huge factor in graphic design and the Bauhaus movement definitely evaluated and used it effectively.  Also, I was strongly influenced that the modern architecture and furniture that we see today originated from the Bauhaus period.  For the artist, Herbert Bayer stood out to me for his profound accomplishments during the Bauhaus movement.  He created numerous typefaces such as the "Universal" font and was appointed head of the printing and advertising workshops when the Bauhaus school moved to Dessau.

These are the thumbnail sketches that present the concept of the Bauhaus movement from my perspective.  I obviously wanted to use strong shapes and text forming from various directions because this is what we see in the Bauhaus style.  As you can see, I also added some form of furniture or architecture into the layout as well.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Final T-Shirt Designs.

This was the first design I sketched out from the beginning.  I created this design to convey the important factors I see at BCC.  I chose to go with the graffiti style to represent the freedom aspect we see at Broome Community College.  The "spray" motion is indicating a narrow start, yet eventually broad direction that students obtain  in life.  The text commonly reads from left to right to show the sense of "moving" forward.  I added the "EST. '46" blotch stencil to incorporate some historical aspect, yet the look is still "edgy" and raw."  As you can see from the composition, I changed the shirt to black and switched the color of the BCC text to white so it would pop out more compared to the gray shirt.
  • The yellow paint splatter on the sleeve was kept for the "finishing touch."

This is the second design for the t-shirt.  Compared to the sketch before, I chose to downsize the design to the upper corner of the shirt for a unique placement.  From my experience, Broome Community College is commonly documented with the two concrete towers on campus, so I chose to use those.  I drew the towers as if they were "exploding" out of the can to symbolize some direction and strength.  As mentioned earlier, the final distressed logo was placed over the towers to add another case of "authority."

Both shirts were made black so the white and yellow designs would pop out more since black and yellow are BCC's mascot colors.

Composition Layout.

This is the composition for design one.  I adapted the just about the same layout as the sketch.  I used a heather gray t-shirt so the design would pop out, however I did have it on a an olive green shirt at first.  I added black and yellow paint blotches within the text so the design wouldn't look too simple and clean.
  • As for design two, the composition is the same as the final.  I added no touch-ups for the final since I was satisfied with the composition.

Additional Components to Composition.

  • I scanned this can sketch onto Photoshop to assist as my base layer to outline the can.  I drew the can outline with a "paint" brush in order to give it a "rough" overlay like actual spraypaint/stencil maneuvering.

  • I created this simple BCC logo through Microsoft Paint and physically distressed the logo(idea credit to Z) with a steel wool sponge.  
  • The final result of this stamp logo is used in the final composition in design #2, which I will explain the digital process. I then scanned it onto Photoshop, deleted the negative white space, and filled the text and border with yellow.   

BCC T-Shirt Sketches

For this project, we had to create a new t-shirt design for Broome Community College, in which we incorporated a unique design, but also something that we'd be interested in wearing.  Below are two  possible t shirt designs (apologies for the poor scans).

I've always been a fan of graffiti work, therefore I wanted to create a design that involved the foundations we see in graffiti (dripping paint, stencils, can).  I felt these subjects gave the design some creativity and edge seeing that it's for a college shirt, however at the same time I incorporated a positive vibe for BCC.  To sum it up, we recognize graffiti as mischievous so I wanted to reverse that definition to something positive through the shirt design.