Monday, November 23, 2009

Cover Redesign.

For this assignment we had to redesign the book cover for Amy Arntson's Graphic Design Basics 5th ed.  Below is my final cover design, I am conveying an image that metaphorically depicts the creative process of graphic design.  The box symbolizes the use of space while light bulbs are commonly symbolized as an idea/knowledge.  The box is tipped over to show a sense of direction with the concept of ideas (light bulbs) spilling out.  I created the light bulbs in different mediums using Photoshop in order to illustrate the variety of mediums that is used within the process of graphic design.  I used an assortment of colors on the bulbs to show how the mixture of colors produces another color.  There is an "approved" stamp on the box in order to create a positive "delivery" statement for Arntson's book.
The image below was the start of my cover composition without the text.  It was a simple look with the light bulbs portrayed in the same medium, which you can see was changed for the final cover to stress the different mediums used in graphic design.
Overall, the purpose of my cover is to represent the message that Arntson wanted her audience to receive through her text.  Her book outlined the concept of design, therefore I included the important aspects of graphics design.  I chose a box to deliver the ideas to the audience with an array of colors to show that color theory plays an important role.  As well as the positioning of the text on the cover, they parallel to the box from an angle to indicate the significance of placement and use of space.

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