Saturday, December 12, 2009

Composition Layout.

This is the composition for my poster that defines the Bauhaus period.  I chose to go with this layout because I felt it strongly incorporated the Bauhaus style with an explanation behind the shape used.  The black shape that basically gives the poster its form is actually the shape of the Bauhaus school from a top angle.  You can see model of the school here.  The layout of the poster is simple and clean, there's not too much going on but enough to illustrate a sense of the movement's history.  The two fonts I used was "bauhaus" and "futura."  The text "Bauhaus" is evidently in "bauhaus" type, however the rest of the text on the poster is in "futura" type.  I chose to use the "Futura" font because it was the most influential font created during the period, it represented the Bauhaus ideology with a strict geometric outline.  I used a worn paper texture as the background since many Bauhaus works have that "beige" color as the background layer.  The colors black, white, and red were frequently used in the Bauhaus style as well. 

I chose Herbert Bayer as my artist since had such a profound influence during the Bauhaus period.  Bayer was appointed head of the printing and advertising workshops and created numerous typefaces.  This is the portrait I used of Bayer for the poster, I used the pen tool to cut Bayer's figure out of the photo.

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