Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Final T-Shirt Designs.

This was the first design I sketched out from the beginning.  I created this design to convey the important factors I see at BCC.  I chose to go with the graffiti style to represent the freedom aspect we see at Broome Community College.  The "spray" motion is indicating a narrow start, yet eventually broad direction that students obtain  in life.  The text commonly reads from left to right to show the sense of "moving" forward.  I added the "EST. '46" blotch stencil to incorporate some historical aspect, yet the look is still "edgy" and raw."  As you can see from the composition, I changed the shirt to black and switched the color of the BCC text to white so it would pop out more compared to the gray shirt.
  • The yellow paint splatter on the sleeve was kept for the "finishing touch."

This is the second design for the t-shirt.  Compared to the sketch before, I chose to downsize the design to the upper corner of the shirt for a unique placement.  From my experience, Broome Community College is commonly documented with the two concrete towers on campus, so I chose to use those.  I drew the towers as if they were "exploding" out of the can to symbolize some direction and strength.  As mentioned earlier, the final distressed logo was placed over the towers to add another case of "authority."

Both shirts were made black so the white and yellow designs would pop out more since black and yellow are BCC's mascot colors.

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